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Bad blogger, distracted jogger

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I have been a bad blogger. I am tempted to blame it on the holidays and family festivites in England, but that would be too easy. Truth is, I was struck by a touch of blogger’s block. I tried to encourage ideas in my usual way, but running doesn’t seem to have the same effect in rural Yorkshire as it does in Berlin. It might be sleepier, but its distractions are more… distracting.

For one thing, the uphill, down dale-ness of the experience makes it hard to hit the steady, meditative pace that subtly provokes thought; then there’s the rain, the gale force winds, and the ankle deep mud to contend with. But the greatest distraction of all is the sheer beauty of the panoramic moorland views, and the big skies that shift and drift above them.

I’m back in Berlin now though, where the skies are currently their usual January pale grey. If past years are anything to go by, they will stay like this until the end of February at least. So watch this space. There should be plenty of blogging coming up.

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