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From the arctic to the vernal

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So the snow is back. And with it, a very grouchy public. Too easily were we seduced by the prettily coloured primroses and pansies suddenly on sale on every other street corner. Too willing were we to believe that global warming was drawing winter to an early close. What fools we are, because people – this is Berlin!

This is the city where the winters are long and longer by far than the longest of its speciality long nights (next one is museums this weekend). The city where spring often doesn’t turn up in earnest until days and even weeks after the vernal equinox that officially heralds the start of everyone’s favourite season. But it is also a city that can, when it so chooses, wear winter well. A little like spring with icing.



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Cold days and eternity

It is cold cialis outside. The kind of cold that feels heavy and all-consuming and entirely out of tune with the pretty perfection of the tiny snow flakes sent as its visual marker. I am watching them fall, and they are so light that they can’t follow a straight path from the sky, but are blown about every which way and then back again. Even when they land, they cannot settle.

They remind me, these snow flakes, of the internet and the endless possibilities it offers for learning, contributing, exploring and just being. Taken further, the train of thought delivers me to the pages of The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, to the passage in which Joyce describes eternity as the time it would take for a bird to move every grain of sand in a mountain a million miles high and a million more wide.

I remember the feelings of hopelessness his description stirred in me on first reading. It made me shudder as it crawled under my skin. And it makes me shudder still. For although eternity will never be mine, the infinite nature of the mountain that is the internet will.

I hear the cries of “long live the digital age”, and “life without the internet is unimaginable”, but today I am inclined (besides posting this of course) to imagine that unimaginable, and just sit back and watch the snow flit and flurry.

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Snow graffiti

I had been going to write something else about snow today, but as I stumbled through it on my run this morning, I saw this image. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Happy winter.

Snowy flakes are falling softly

I remember a line from a song at primary school that went… “Snowy flakes are falling softly, covering all the world in white…” I don’t know how it continues, but I do know that every time it starts to snow, those words start singing to me. What’s more, they are often accompanied by the taste of Dutch Shortcake. Proustian? Maybe. Maybe not.

Both the words and the biscuits came to me today – the latter in a blue and silver packet – when I looked out of the window to see a sky positively laden with snow. They are with me now, dancing around me like the snow flakes the song describes, and leaving me in no doubt that wherever I was when I first experienced their delights, must have been good, comforting places.

Perhaps that is why I have always loved snow so much.

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