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Being a protagonist

Despite her lover’s protestations that everyone wants to be at the centre of public attention in one way or another, the main character of Impersonation, Ruth, is not easy being protagonist. I get where she is coming from. A few years ago, I was unsettled to find aspects of myself, my home and my children in a book. It was a bitter parting gift that took the idea of writing what one knows to the extreme. Have you ever had a similar experience? Do you embrace the idea of being a muse no matter what, or do you value your privacy too much to want to see yourself in words. I would love to hear your thoughts on being written about…

Much more than seagulls


I asked Berlin artist, Hendrik Jonas, if he would be kind enough to provide some images to accompany Ruth and the elusive Mr Walden for the “Impersonation” pages of this blog. He (Hendrik) kindly agreed. I know you will enjoy his work.

I know that because at an exhibition he held recently, the rooms were not only filled with the incredible attention to detail he pours into his paintings, but with the collective rumble of awe those paintings inspired in the crowds that turned out to see them.

As you read Impersonation, you will come to see the significance of the seagull. But they are by no means the only birds Hendrik paints. For more, take a look at his website.