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My first full-length play, Molly Eyre, is a social satire about a group of mothers who don’t see eye to eye on parenting, or anything else for that matter. The play borrows the main characters and plot elements from three Molière plays – The Imaginary Invalid, The Hypocrite, The Misanthrope – and weaves them together to show how fiction reflects reality, and how reality can also be informed by fiction. For the full script, please contact me or the Drei Masken Verlag.

Set in a small town, Some kind of Asylum is a dark comedy playing with the themes of loyalty and hypocrisy, asylum and integration. For the full script, please contact me or the Drei Masken Verlag.

Reunion Games is a comedy about chains of events and the human need to blame someone for everything that goes wrong. No matter how tentative the connection. For the full script, please contact me or the Drei Masken Verlag.

Indecent Exposure was staged at the English Theatre Berlin as part of the 2011 ten-minute play competition. The theme was Utopia-Dystopia, and I seized the opportunity to explore the great German belief that to be ill-dressed for the cold is to be ill-prepared for life. But how much is too much, and how much is not enough? Comedy? Tragedy? The dividing line is fine. Read an excerpt from the play here.

My one-act black comedy, Digits, was among the winners of the Bristol-based Tobacco Factory’s Script Space competition. More about the play and the production can be found here.