Reinventing the self

As far as I can tell, drawing up lists of New Year’s resolutions is a stab at reinvention. I sometimes do one, sometimes don’t. 2011 was one of the “do” years. The other day, I revisited said list which after a long search I eventually found scrawled in the back of a notebook, fully expecting to find a whole host of things I had failed to do. Not so. For once, the opposite was the case. Motivated by that little triumph, I have made a new list for 2012. I have already forgotten where, but I know that it contained an entry that would have me turn away from the 1980s rural northern England upbringing that keeps me to myself, and makes the kind of exposition involved in activities such as writing a blog, a personal challenge. I don’t imagine I will be posting clips of myself singing and dancing anytime soon, but I will get the ball rolling with a trailer, yes a trailer, for my novel Impersonation. It was put together by John Lynch Digital Publishing House, although the wobbly camera work can only be blamed on yours truly! Click here to see it for yourself.

PS. Off to W├╝rzburg today for Molly Eyre premiere…

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