Publication day

Yep, that’s right, today is publication day. Ruth Morton has stepped out into the world via the pages of Impersonation. But what awaits her?

“I caught a glimpse of myself today…I saw my description in the pages of a book, in the words of a man I have never met.”

When Ruth receives a new novel from her book club, she is immediately intrigued. ‘The Ruthlessness of One Man’ claims to be about a real-life London commuter and, as Ruth delves further into the dark tale, she makes a sinister discovery.

She is that commuter.

As Ruth reads on and becomes convinced that the author, Mr Walden, intends her to be more than just his muse, she must unravel the story to uncover just what he has in store for her, both on paper and in reality. Ultimately, she only has the book itself to piece together Mr Walden’s identity and motive. But can she do it in time to stop herself from becoming the victim of a twisted literary plot?

Impersonation is available in Amazon’s Kindle store, and as a paperback later this month.


2 comments on “Publication day

  1. Cool – a book written about me! :) I’m curious enough now that I’ll have a read.

    What made you choose the name Ruth Morton? Although it suits me just fine, Ruth is pretty old fashioned and Morton is rather common. Just wondering.


    • Hi Ruth! So glad you found your literary namesake:) My character was always going to be Ruth, although her surname changed a couple of times. She ended up with Morton because I needed her mother to have a Scottish sounding name: Morna Morton.

      I had a look at your blog too, and smiled at your post about commuting, which is a major factor for my Ruth too…

      Thanks for getting in touch

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