Molly Eyre

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Molly Eyre premiered in January 2013 at the Mainfranken Theater in the German city of Würzburg. It went to Nuremberg as part of the “Bayerische Festtagspiele” later that year. The play was staged at the Theater Erfurt in Feb/March 2015.

Molly Eyre throws together four mothers, who have been given the task of agreeing on a new use for a room at the kindergarten their children attend. Sounds simple? Not so when manipulation, opportunism, jealousy, insecurity are at the table with them.

Molly Eyre borrows the main characters and plot elements from three Molière plays – The Imaginary Invalid, The Hypocrite, The Misanthrope – and weaves them together to show not only how fiction reflects reality, but how reality can be informed by fiction.