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I have worked as a journalist for many years, writing about pretty much everything from politics to business, culture to science. I now tend to write more about human rights and environment issues. A selection of recent pieces can be found in this section.

Bahrain shows its disdain for human rights defenders.

Behind the smokescreen of Bahraini PRĀ 

Bahrain’s government ‘addicted to teargas’

Abuse, hardship for migrant workers in Lebanon

No solace for Syrian refugees in lawless Libya

Accounting for the atrocities of war in Syria

A woman’s world in post-revolution Libya?

Syria’s war economies add fuel to the conflict

Syria’s war children face uneducated future

How Europe is failing Syria’s refugees

A fragmented answer to Syria’s forgotten conflict

Can conflict help drive conservation?

Child soldiers and the importance of reintegration

Global child abuse shapes the violence of tomorrow

Thinking outside the box on human-wildlife conflict

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  1. Hi Tamsin, I am a journalist from India. I read some of your interesting articles in DW, which prompted me to follow your writing. Would love to get in touch with you via email. If you could provide the same. Thanks & Regards.

  2. Taminsin,

    I’m an ez-Academic Vise President of four Institutions in the U.S. and for some 25 years a professor and teacher of philosophy. I mean only to provide some background. i am a Kant Scholar, but long ago. I’d once known how to translate German Scholarly work into acceptable English which would more likely upset my students than enlighten them. My Father was a B-17G bombardier who was, unfortunately, one of those who bombed Berlin, Chemnitz, and Dresden ( 13-14 February, 1945). I have some appreciation and knowledge of the culture you enjoy there, and much appreciate your columns, Tamsin. The history of that place, Berlin, has to have painted its memories with an indelible — what’s the word? But, i just want to be in touch with you and your work. you provide a connection to a history I do not know much about. I really enjoy reading your pieces about life there and am so happy to know that there is Iife there beyond the horrors of the war.

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