Indecent Exposure

November 9, 2012 | by Tamsin |

Indecent Exposure was staged at the English Theater Berlin as one of five winning entries to a ten-minute play competition. The theme was Utopia-Dystopia and my take on it was dressing for winter in Germany.

Bundled up in scarves and red tape, a group of public servants embrace winter with all its weather vagaries and one particular vagrant.

An office. Nothing fancy, nothing modern. But very well ordered. It has the feel, the smell, the lighting of a bureaucratic place of work. Upon three identical desks sit three identical computers. The walls are lined with cupboards and drawers labelled things like: pens, hats, scarves, shoes, earplugs, coats.

A man (MARTIN) is sitting at one of the computers reading a newspaper). He is wearing slippers.

MARTIN: Oh my God! (reads on) This is a dark day for democracy. 

A woman (JENNYenters. She is very warmly dressed.

JENNY: It’s freezing out there.

MARTIN: You got your thermals on?

JENNY: (taking off her coat and scarf etc. and putting them in the respective drawers/cupboards) Of course I have.

MARTIN: Best thing about winter, thermals.

JENNY: And hot water bottles.

MARTIN: And inhalation baths.

JENNY: And foot baths.

MARTIN: And heat cushions.

JENNY: And snow-lined boots.

MARTIN: Thermals are still the best though. I have a suit with incorporated gloves and balaclava. Almost impossible to get sick when I wear that. 

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