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Malcolm Hamilton playing Mick

In spring 2011 my one-act black comedy, Digits, was among the winners of the Bristol-based Tobacco Factory’s fourth Script Space competition, (see this link for more) and in November it was staged by director Emma Callander.

As the Tobacco Factory put it in their programme: “Mick’s got some explaining to do. According to him, Jimmy had been losing it for a while, and just missing out on the only job to come his way in ages was the final straw. That’s why he did it, see. And besides, people shouldn’t be allowed to talk loudly on buses, should they?

Click here for an excerpt from Digits, which incidentally started life as a short story, and then flirted with the idea of the big screen before finally finding its home on the stage.

Adrian Harris and Noni Lewis on the bus in ‘Digits’