Berlin and beyond: The art of tipping

The first time I realized just how alien the rules of Germany’s tipping culture are to me was at the end of a less-than-glorious camping trip. When presented with the bill for my plot, I was so glad to be leaving that I handed over the money with an apparently hasty “danke.”

Had I waited a moment longer, I’d have been given 8 euros in change. As it was, I later found out, the act of saying “thank you” at the moment I did, meant there was no change. At least not for me. Lesson learned. Two lessons, in fact, as I’ve not pitched a tent since.

I have though, periodically wondered about the who, when, where of tipping in this country… To make things clear before I go any further, I’m not a gratuities grump. Far from it. I just think it helps to know the rules. Listen or read on…

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