Berlin and beyond: Keep working, women

Enlightened as Germany may seem, it clings to an archaic mentality that sees men shin the career ladder while their womenfolk stay down below holding the baby. It’s a system with familiar ramifications.

At the beginning of this year, I indulged in the first season of a historical drama about a team of young women at the News of the Week in New York in 1969. Fed up with being relegated to research positions while their male colleagues get the glory, bylines and thicker pay packets, they decide to mount an official inequality complaint.

But just as they’re poised to file said complaint, the season ends. And with it, the series, which wasn’t recommissioned. Whether Amazon, whose studio head Roy Price quit this week after sexual harassment allegations, felt the viewing public didn’t need to witness the on-seen emancipation of women in the newsroom, we’ll never know, but there’s a touch of irony in the equation. Read on… or listen…

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