Berlin and beyond: Auf Wiedersehen Britain

A year after the Brexit vote, Germany has noted a 360 percent rise in citizenship applications from Brits. Among them is Tamsin Walker, who has spent her summer holiday in northern England, saying farewell.








What is a trip to the English seaside without fish and chips? We drench ours in salt and malt, vinegar that is, not whisky – though there’s an idea – and head out into the whiskery winds of another Whitby summer.

Too cold to sit on the beach, we join the huddle of holiday-makers and day-trippers skewering the same deliciously soggy fayre in the same northern English seaside spirit. Granted, it is the stuff of great British clich├ęs – but it is also the stuff in which many of my memories of growing up are wrapped. Read on… or listen…

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